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Century Farm

Quality Goats.

As a sixth generation farm,

we strive to meet your needs.

Farm ID #00L5EN6

American Boer Goat Association #55905

Pedigree International #816

National Kiko Registry #905

USBGA #12438

Scrapie Participant #2992

Certified Quality Meat Goat Producer

Hampshire County Farm Bureau Member
West Virginia Century Farm

Specialty markets.

We specialize in Savanna pedigree goats of various perccentages.  (Boer, Savanna, and Kiko) with various colorings and percentages. We often have a range of percentages. This allows us to give our customers what they need, from 4-H and FFA goats to show goats to herd makers.  

We also serve our region with targeted crosses for commercial breeding. We cross Savanna with Boer and Kiko to breed goats that will have an immediate impact on your herd. Savannas provide large framed, muscular goats while Kikos add remarkable parasite resistance. Combining these with the popular Boer goat will give you unprecedented improvement in the hardiness of your herd.

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Providing high quality.

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Providing a variety of percentages, colors, and pedigrees.

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Providing commercial improvement stock.

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