Our farm wants to make the difference in your herd.

About Us

As a sixth generation family farm, Loy’s Farm strives to offer quality breeding and market goat stock. Goats are not confined to a small area; are handled from birth; have constant access to fresh water; do not receive antibiotics or hormones to enhance growth; and have free choice salt and minerals available at all times. All goats are fed from grass pasture, substantial browse, and top quality hay. We make every effort to provide a healthy, calm, comfortable, and low-stress environment for our goats.



Prices vary based on quality of stock, color, and registration potential.  Prices are subject to change based on conformance, age, size, and breeding status. A payment of 50% will serve as the deposit and will serve as the acceptance of the terms of a contract. Bucklings and doelings should be released at or around the 90 day wean period. Discounts are available for 4-H and FFA customers.

Sales Stipulations.
Delivery is not provided. You are responsible for pick-up.  If you are unable to pick up the goats within two weeks of the agreed upon timeframe, a $2 per day charge will be added to the balance due.  After 30 days the contract is void and the deposit is nonrefundable. Loy’s Farm then re-assumes full ownership.

If Loy’s Farm is unable to provide the agreed upon goats that have reached a wean (90 day) age, the deposit will be refunded and the contract is void; otherwise, the deposit is non-refundable. Final payment is accepted in cash only. Buyer agrees to release Loy’s Farm from any and all liabilities and/or damages by fault of the animal(s) after the time of the sale.

Additional Notes.
All goats are veterinarian checked by Augusta Animal Hospital (304.496.7746) upon request and for an additional $50 fee prior to release. Goats will be wormed and, depending on age, receive CD/T, and BO-SE.

Register-able goats will come with relevant application papers for the owner to submit on his/her own. Some brood does and herd sires are dual registered to give you the choice of association for kids.

If on grain, every sale includes feed to assist with transitioning to new feed.

Every goat we sell comes with an extensive information packet on what the goats are used to, including feed, minerals, hay, medicines, shots, health history, etc.

Our goats eat banana peels, orange peels, grapes, raisins, pumpkins, and carrots for healthy treats. 

Because we have no control over how animals are managed after leaving our property we make NO GUARANTEES. All goats are sold "AS IS" and “NO REFUNDS.” Once an animal leaves our property it is then the sole responsibility of the buyer, and we are no longer liable for that animal. Please be sure to inspect the animal thoroughly before you leave with it. If something happens in transit to cause illness we cannot be responsible. In the case of buying breeding stock, we cannot be responsible for a buck or doe that has left our place and is not a breeder. We make every effort to engage in honest and meaningful business transactions. We look forward to repeat buyers, and as a century old farm, we strive for exceptional quality.

Thank you for your interest in Loy’s Farm.

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