About Our Guardian Dogs

Our guardian dogs, Brei and Gabe, protect our herd from predators. Our farm is located in an area that has coyotes, foxes, bears, bobcats, possums, deer, and even a wild goat or two. Learn more about Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherds.


Brei is a full blood Great Pyrenees. She is smart and attentive. She is the dominant guardian, as she is the oldest.


Gabe is a Great Pyrenees X Anatolian Shepherd (1/4th). He is playful and rambunctious. He is sensitive and always happy, unless he is separated from Brei.  

Our guardian dogs are part of our family. They are cared for and loved. They were born on farms with goats, so they are used to goats and their herd mentality.  Both dogs adapt well to extreme temperatures and elements.

Thank you for your interest in our guardians.

Our Goats.